Clean logistics in crisis: exodus of managers continues

The next top executive to leave financially troubled Pure Logistics: company founder Dirk Graszt is stepping down as CEO, the Hamburg company says. Graszt will also step down from the Clean Logistics board, but will continue to serve as a transition advisor. Before Christmas 2022, it became clear that Pure Logistics (WKN: A1YDAZ, ISIN: DE000A1YDAZ7, Chart ) is in serious financial difficulties – it is necessary to make an emergency sale of the subsidiary GINAF Trucks Nederland. It was implemented only a few months earlier. Dirk Lehmann has already resigned from the board at the end of 2022. Lehman was president of Clean Logistics. At the beginning of December 2022, i.e. shortly before the announcement of the crisis, Jürgen Akkermann, a member of the company’s board and until now the CEO, had already left the company. Akkermann had moved to Pure Logistics just a few weeks earlier. The company’s share price meanwhile fell to EUR 2.00 due to the company’s financial difficulties. On Friday, the stock ended trading at the level of 2.30 euros. In mid-August 2022, the share of hydrogen rose to 17.90 euros. The market value of the share is currently more than 31 million euros. The capital increase originally announced for January 2023 with a shareholders’ subscription right of 1.80 euros for a new Clean Logistics share, with which the company wanted to save itself, has not yet materialized. „In the first stage, as part of the announced capital increase, shares worth more than 1.2 million euros have already been subscribed by the existing main shareholders. In the second stage, it is planned to make a public subscription offer to shareholders in January 2023, trading subscription rights under the same conditions. A total of 2.7 million shares were planned to be issued.

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