DAX Forecast: Continues to Find Support at Elevated Levels

I also think this market is still at risk of a major breakout as people around the world start betting on easing monetary policy. The DAX was initially slightly lower during Thursday’s trading as the market seems to be a bit „tired”. I also believe that this market is still in danger of a major reversal as people around the world begin to bet on monetary easing. Therefore, it is probably worth noting that the market has been very volatile and noisy lately, as there seems to be some confusion at the moment. Advertisement Stock Markets Crash Again Buy Dips Now! The €1 ,500 level seems quite resistant to buying pressure, so it will be interesting to see if it can be removed here. If we can, the market is likely to explore the €1 ,800 level, followed by the €15,000 level. On the downside, we have the €1 ,100 level marked by a short yellow line on the chart, which provides some support. If we can break this lower, the DAX will likely start to relax significantly and possibly reach the 50-day EMA, which is colored red on the chart. Market May Struggle All things being equal, it should also be noted that the market has had a huge rally to these levels and therefore may be slightly overbought in the short term. If this is indeed the case, it should be viewed through the prism of this frothy market meltdown. On the other hand, if we do not exceed the level of €1 ,500, this could be a scenario where we end up seeing a lot of problems. After all, there are many things on the market now, so seeing a market battle is not completely impossible. So I think we have a situation where as we approach the end of the year and of course the main meeting of the ECB on Thursday next week, you will continue to see a lot of noisy behavior and a struggle to get some kind of grip. . In that case, expect some disruptions as we try to build enough momentum to finally break free. If we don’t, I expect a major pullback.

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