Oreshkin told what should be the optimal exchange rate of the ruble

There is no optimal exchange rate for the ruble, it should develop naturally, but at the same time be predictable, says Russian presidential aide Maxim Oreshkin.

„There is no optimal rate, in this regard, the rate should develop in a natural market way. Any bias leads to serious negative consequences, the rate should be generally predictable and should allow business to develop, and at the same time not lead to negative effects on the income and opportunities of the population” , — said Oreshkin, answering the question of a participant in the forum „Territory of Meaning”, which ruble exchange rate could be called optimal.

Oreshkin added that for different types of business and the population there is an optimal ruble exchange rate: Russians are much better off with a stronger exchange rate, because goods become available, and those who compete with imports want the ruble to be weaker.

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