Turkey called its work on the food issue „sincere”

urkey is „sincerely” working on solving the problem of the global food crisis, said Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

“Turkey is the most important player, sincerely working both to end the conflict and to solve the food crisis. In these matters, everyone put their hopes on Turkey’s efforts,” he said.

As the minister noted, the UN Secretary General personally thanked the Turkish President for the efforts made to solve the problem of the food crisis.

Negotiations between the military delegations of Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and the UN delegation on the „grain issue” were held in Istanbul on Wednesday. According to the source, all parties showed high constructiveness. The parties agreed to establish a coordination center. The next meeting, according to preliminary data, will be held on July 20-21.

The UN has already stated several times about the threat of a global food crisis due to a shortage of grain. The West blames Russia for the current situation, which allegedly opposes the supply of Ukrainian grain to world markets. Moscow categorically denies such accusations.

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