US pending home sales for November -4.0% versus -0.8% last month

Previous report. Decline last month – .6% (expected at -5.0) Expected home sales, November 2022 – % vs. -0.8% expected Expected home sales index 73.9 vs. 77.0 last month (corrected 77.1- lt) Pending. home sales – 37-st8 November 2021 The pending home sales index is close to/below the 2010 low of 75.7. The post-pandemic low in April 2009 was 69.0. At 73.9, reaching this level is a risk. The housing market was directly affected by the policy of the central bank in 2022, which raised mortgage interest rates. Thirty-year mortgage rates jumped from 3.11 percent to 7.08 percent in 2022. The current interest rate is close to 6.27 percent. 30 Year Mortgage 30 Year Mortgage Areas studied: Northeast is down -7.9D South is down -2.3D Midwest -6.6D West -0.9%

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